Stacey wrote the lyrics for every Vanaka song, sings lead on For a Good Time, Big Bear Hugs, Sweet Spot, and The Night We Met, and adds backing vocals on most other tracks.  A Southern California girl, Stacey gained a love of music at an early age, listening to 8-track tapes traveling cross-country on vacation in her parent’s camper van.  She’d create mix tapes for her friends to convey a story or theme.  Before pursuing her love of music, she worked for a famous LA private investigator, and TV producer Aaron Spelling.  She met Don, became a travel photographer, video editor, wife and mother.


In 2008, Stacey and Don formed their first band and Stacey decided to sing.  While in a spiritual psychology masters program at USM, she began writing song lyrics.  Next she learned bass guitar to join an all-girl band, Midnight MYNX.  And then teamed with songwriters JR Richards, Eric Iverson, and Jon Payne, and co-founded Vanaka.  With this album, Stacey has created a compilation of songs for friends and fans, that like her mix tapes of old, tells a story of upliftment, inspiration, learning, and emotional connection.