“I am totally addicted to the songs on this CD, love every one of them.  Now, I have a copy for my car as well as at home.”
  –Mary P, Boston, MA
“I have now listened to your “Gratitude” album several times and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your music is eclectic, and my favorite songs change based on my mood of the day, but I have most consistently enjoyed both the lyrics and music of three songs in particular, “For a Good Time,” “Silver Girl” and “Still Beautiful.”
  –Payne M, Williamsburg, VA
“Thank you for your song “Happy To Be.” The words are so powerful and share such an important message. This message can change life in an instant for the better. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful song!”
   –Roger L, via Vanakamusic website
“Love your album!  The music and lyrics led me on a journey of smiles and tears.  The balance was on the side of happiness and smiles. Several lines from “Love Lets Go” are so personal to my relationship with a dear friend who has passed.  Another tearjerker is “Big Bear Hugs.”  My mom called my dad “Duke.”  He had big hands, a big heart, strong arms, eyes that sparkled when he laughed, and life with him “had no big deals, just big wonders and big bear hugs.”  My dad taught me to play ball, too, and “to be just me is enough.”  He made me feel very loved and very safe. And you guys make awesome videos!”
  –Shari B, La Conchita, CA
“I’ve been listening to your “Gratitude” CD in the car and it is really a masterpiece . . . a real work of art.  I also appreciate reading the words to the songs. It’s all pretty inspiring.”
  –Robin F, New York, NY
 “I LOVE the Vanaka album!! I’ve been listening to it during my long runs every Saturday. I think for running my favorite one is “Lazer Beam Love,” but I also love “Happy to Be,” “Words Become our World,” and “For a Good Time.” I mean, they’re all great, but I think those are my favorites!! Anyways, I wanted to say thanks because I’ve been really enjoying listening to it!!”
  –Ellen D, Boston, MA
 I cannot tell you how moved I still am about the “Gratitude” CD. I am especially fixated on “Silver Girl” and “Love Lets Go” (BUTTERFLY BEACH).  I have listened to them countless times.  Mesmerizing….”
  –Sean R, San Diego, CA
“You have created a work of art! There is so much depth and beauty to this album! I can see that you have put your heart and soul into it! And I do like the lyrics to “Happy to Be!”  You are the real deal and your music is inspiring and solid! And then coming from a place in consciousness that is uplifting…Heaven on Earth made manifest!  I was thinking if your music somehow ends up in a commercial or a movie…that would be awesome!”
  –Marisa N, Los Angeles, CA
 “My husband and I really enjoyed the “Gratitude” CD – sun was shining, rag top was down, perfect sound for a beach ride!”
  –Cary S, Clearwater, FL
“The energy on your Vanaka Music home page is wonderful. I am currently in the midst of an intense personal healing process. Today you gave me hope. You are living your dream and so that gives me hope that I too can live mine. Thank you for lighting the way.”
  –Mary N, Camarillo, CA
“Listening to “Happy to Be” all day–it’s better than a shot of caffeine!! :)” 
  –Teresia L, Vancouver, Canada