Mindful Music You’re Grateful To Have Stuck In Your Head


1 – For A Good Time – 4:11
Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards



2 – Happy To Be – 3:59
Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards



3 – Sky Meets Sea – 4:05

Stacey J. Fergusson, J.R. Richards & Jon Payne



4 – Words Become Our World (Featuring Eric Iverson) – 3:57

Stacey J. Fergusson & Eric Iverson



5 – Silver Girl (Featuring Oriana Sanders) – 4:37

Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards


6 – The Night We Met – 3:41

Stacey J. Fergusson, Eric Iverson & Jon Payne


7 – Lazer Beam Love – 3:20

Stacey J. Fergusson & Eric Iverson


8 – Love Lets Go (Butterfly Beach) (Featuring Oriana Sanders & J.R. Richards) – 5:12

Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards


9 – Big Bear Hugs – 3:44

Stacey J. Fergusson & Eric Iverson


10- The Sweet Spot – 4:30

Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards


11- Anything – 5:13

Stacey J. Fergusson, Jon Payne, J.R. Richards & Eric Iverson


12- Still Beautiful (Featuring J.R. Richards) – 5:34

Stacey J. Fergusson & J.R. Richards


13- Amazing Grace – 1:17






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Praise for Gratitude

“I have been in a funk lately (transition, change, unknown) and this morning your album lifted my spirits immensely.  “Happy to Be,” “Love Lets Go,” “Still Beautiful”…and of course “Silver Girl”…all righted my ship and brought me to a place of gratitude.  There is no greater gift in the world, and for that I am immensely, deeply grateful.”
–Hollye J, Santa Barbara, CA

“The whole CD and selections are really top notch throughout. “For a Good Time” is nice and funky.  “Happy to Be” has nice dobro, fiddle and mandolin, which reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Mississippi Kid.”  Other songs have great guitar, great rhythm section, nice sax work, and wonderful keyboard support.  “Big Bear Hugs” is a nice crossover Country tune, and “Anything” could be from a latter-day Santana album, with great timbales and guitar, and nice vocals, too. No ‘fillers’ here!”
–Stefan M, Santa Barbara, CA

“The last thing I wanted to do today was work out. I asked myself what would motivate me? I put on the song “Happy to Be.” The great tune, the feeling of love, inspiration and support, was a catalyst for an experience of “all my cells are smiling, all my love is shining, and no place I would rather be.”  I had an awesome workout. Thank you! :)”
–Teresia L, Ottawa, Canada

“I love your brilliant album “Gratitude”–the variety of sounds, the writing, and the vocals.  Every song has something to do with relationships and life.  And the lyrics pass along so much wisdom.”
–Kevin M, Vancouver, Canada

“I’ve listened to all of the songs on the Vanaka album. Wow! I always enjoy a band that doesn’t try to fit into a “genre” or label themselves into one category. It’s very cool to see the different influences in Vanaka’s songs. Indie, a little soul, and little country soft rock. I like it! I’m a fan!”
–Sarah A, Kansas City, Kansas